What is MAGNiTT?

MAGNiTT is an online platform to help the MENA ecosystem connect. It is aimed towards entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem supporters and service providers.

  • STARTUPS: By pitching your ventures on MAGNiTT, Entrepreneurs gain precious exposure to investors, ecosystem supporters, and service providers. MAGNiTT also provides Startups with tools and services to help with concept exploration through launch and growth.  

  • INVESTORS: By registering on MAGNiTT, Investors gain access to an exhaustive directory of MENA startups and can rate, follow, and connect directly with the founders in the ecosystem. 

  • SERVICE PROVIDERS: On MAGNiTT, service providers and ecosystem supporters can advertise their offerings and provide their services directly to start-ups.

Watch our company video here for more.

Who can register on MAGNiTT?

We welcome all startups, individuals or companies who can contribute to the MENA Startup ecosystem: investors, service providers, and ecosystem supporters. 

What is MAGNiTT plus?

MAGNiTT plus is a premium subscription model for users to gain access to the full functionality of the MAGNiTT directory.

You will be able to use all filters, sort functions, selectors and request bespoke .csv data downloads.


For more information on pricing and features contact [email protected]

Do I have to share any presentations or documents?

Currently all information is based on the simple form needed to complete your profile. You are asked if you have:

1) A business presentation available upon request
2) A 2yr financial model

However you are not obliged to share this on MAGNiTT

What is a connection?

When a MAGNiTT user is interested in your Startup he is able to send you a connection. Through this, they will be able to indicate  how they would like to support you. Once accepted you can chat directly on MAGNiTT! 

What is my "Favourites"?

All liked Startups are found in your "Favourites"

What are MAGNiTT Tools?

MAGNiTT Tools are (To Be Launched in February 2016):


Toolkit: This is a hand-picked and comprehensive list of online websites that MAGNiTT believes are essential to Startups! These tools vary in degree & depth of service as well as costs.

Service Directory: This is a list of MAGNiTT-approved service providers that are focused towards developing and supporting Startups in the MENA ecosystem. 

What type of Service Providers are listed on MAGNiTT?

The MAGNiTT Service Directory lists service provides across all sectors such as a Legal, Accounting, Finance, Web Development and so on with the underlying characteristics of being Startup-friendly and experienced. 

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Post A Job

How To Discover A Startup

Create A Startup Profile

How To Claim an Offer

Startups Questions

How can I pitch an idea on MAGNiTT?

It's simple! All you have to do is register and complete 2 steps regarding your Startup. Once published you can update your profile. Responses are character restricted to keep your responses short and crisp. Imagine this as your Online pitching tool to share with Investors!

What information do I have to provide?

Questions are aimed to tease a users interest in your Startup. We encourage you to follow the MAGNiTT structure completing 5 questions around
1) Your elevator pitch
2) The problem you are solving
3) The Market opportunity
4) The Monetization approach
5) Your Competition

How can I share my Startup profile?

Consider your MAGNiTT profile as an online pitch. Each profile has a unique URL using the Startup name. Share it with customers, investors and others using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and email!

What do I do once connected?

Introduce yourself! You now have a potential partner, mentor or investor that can help your startup grow. Secure your first call or coffee to discuss further!

What is my personal profile?

Investors always say that they invest in people not only ideas. This is your opportunity to shine! 
Your profile page is found in your "Dashboard". Complete your profile to improve your chances of a connection. Your profile will be viewed with elevator pitch and highlight your key skills and previous experience

How to register as an Entrepreneur?

Register as a Service

Investors Questions

How do I find Startups?
  • Click the "Find Startups" tab in your menu or from your "Dashboard".
  • Here you can filter all the Elevator Pitches by your preferences.
  • For each you can Like or Pass.
  • Press more information to find indepth details on the Startup
  • Liking a Startup will add them to your Favourites
What is my Profile and how do I update It?

Here you can share your previous work and Startup experience. You should complete your MAGNiTT profile before you connect with Startups 

What is the deep dive?

Here you can find further information around the Startup. Provide feedback to the Entrepreneur by rating each of their responses

Liked a Startup? Share it with someone!

Each Startup has a unique URL. Share it with others you think may be interestd using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and email!

How Do I Connect?

Like a Startup? Why not connect directly with the Founder. Press the Connection button and highlight what capacity you would like to support them in!

Register as an Investor